Technology to the Rescue?

I am proposing the development of new technology to rescue people from collapsed buildings or other structures. Creating this technology will likely be expensive. Technology may also be able to aid people in other problem situations, like disease or bodily injury. Significant improvements might be achievable if enough R&D money is spent. I realize that we cannot radically improve every bad situation by spending large chunks of money; there is not enough money to go around. If we think we can provide new, significant help for one thing by funding a big research project, then we have to leave out equally dramatic improvements in other problem areas. So, maybe the collective decision will not be to fund rapid rubble rescue research, but to do something else, instead. Such as in the area of cancer or muscular dystrophy, or  brain and nervous system repair, etc. I have even imagined building robots that could fly at ultra-high speed to any point on earth where someone is in dire, physical danger and in need of assistance pronto, such as in the next few minutes or seconds. We could not build such an expensive system to rescue people in every such situation, so the choice of who to help with this “global 911” system would have to limited.


People can see the need for such new capabilities whenever a dangerous situation arises. Those who would want to refuse funding for rescuing people rapidly from collapsed structures might wish the money had been spent on that the next time there is a major earthquake in a city. But then, when looking at other needs, such as brain repair/improvement, they can see why limited resource application has to be selective.

Technology and research dollars can solve or lessen some problems. But is there an ultimate solution?

There is rescue.

To see how problems in the world can be addressed, we need to know the root cause of the problems. In spite of what is often taught in our education/information entities, the root cause of all problems is the Curse which God placed on nature at the beginning of history, in response to the sin of Adam and Eve. But having cursed us, God put into motion a rescue plan. The root cause of all problems is the Curse, and the cause of the Curse is sin. So God came to rescue us from sin, becoming Himself a human being and living among us. This person’s name is Jesus Christ. Christ died on the cross to pay for all the sin of everyone who would repent and believe throughout history, beginning to end. Anyone who believes, repents and obeys the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is eternally free from the penalty of sin, which is hell. Also, they are increasingly rescued from the power of sin in their lives as they live the Christian life and walk the Christian walk.

In the future, for believers, this universe will be replaced by a new, eternal universe in which there is no more curse, as there will be no more sin. God is going to rescue all of His people from the curse, from all problems in the future. But He offers rescue right NOW from the penalty of sin, and increasingly, as the believer’s life goes on, from the power of sin over them. This is accomplished by repenting (turning away from) one’s sinfulness and surrendering one’s life to Jesus Christ.

There, therefore, is an ultimate solution, a final rescue.